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Our Service and Products

Manufacturing Prosthesis / Orthopedics
We handle many products related to prosthetics, including materials, parts and tools.
We have been making prostheses and braces for over 70 years, and our products incorporate state-of-the-art technology.
Producing iron and wooden prostheses and artificial limbs.
Iron is forged, giving it excellent durability. Our wooden artificial legs also use a combination of iron and rubber materials.
procuring materials used for prosthetic materials from home and abroad.
We manufacture prosthetic materials for wholesale and export. We engage in both importing and exporting of products.
developing and manufacturing prosthetic limb manufacturing equipment
We have equipment such as large ovens, carving machines, and vacuum-forming equipment available for production.

Product introduction

Prostheses and braces are manufactured from parts, including parts that we produce.