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Heartfelt greeting from President

I’ll faithfully support the people who need support for their arms and legs.
In 1946 after world warⅡ, Mr.Shojiro Obara who saw the full of sadness and the injured soldiers who lost their arms and legs. He thought that this kind of sadness shouldn’t happen again, so he decided to start Obara Industrial company which can offer the desired products as long as there is a person who is in need.

Thankfully, this thought can continue consistently up to now and we’re so glad our products can endure repairs even after thirty years later.
Thank you again for everyone patronage cooperation and understandings.

In Heisei era, needs of the prosthetics's materials has been changed for higher and lighter weight appropriate for a matured society.
Nowadays everyone is hoping to live up to 100 years old with good health a joyful life. Now new era, Reiwa has come.

Toward a new era to come,
Obara industrial company will offer the products which feel comfortable more than ever for the people who feel inconvenience. All our staff who engaged in the products will help with true heartedness and meet your expectations for second arms and legs.

I pray that your precious days will be richer and more comfortable and that you will have a peaceful mind.


I wish for your eternal happiness.

Nanako Akiyama

Corporate philosophy

Company Profile

Company Name
Obara Kogyo co., LTD.
Nanako Akiyama
Head Office
2-18-9 Yoga Setagaya Tokyo MAP
TEL: +81-33700-4631 FAX:+81-33708-2511
20 million yen
April 1946: Established as Obara Kogyo Office
October 1986: Renamed Obara Kogyo co., LTD.
Main business
Manufacture and distribution of materials for artificial limbs
Development and manufacture of prosthetic limb manufacturing equipment
Import and wholesale of prosthetic limb materials and welfare supplies
Number of employees
Otaki Sales Office
625 Kyogahara, Otaki-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba Prefecture
Main banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, The Johnan Shinkin Bank, Japan Finance Corporation
Major suppliers
National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities
Railroad Association Prosthetic Orthotics Support Center
Kanagawa General Rehabilitation Center
11 companies (domestic), Korea (Seoul), China (Beijing), Russia (Moscow)
Special Adviser
Etsuro Honda




Office Entrance


1F Negotiating Space


2F Meeting Space


Seminar Room


2F Terrace


1946 (Apr)
Founded as a private company by Shojiro Obara (then age 33)
Heavy machinery introduced, prosthetic brace production started
Started importing and exporting prosthetics
1986 (Oct)
Masahide Akiyama assumed office as Representative Director, renamed Obara Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Otaki Sales Office opened
2005 (Dec)
After death of Masahide Akiyama, Shigeyuki Akiyama became Senior Managing Director
2010 (Jan)
Shigeyuki Akiyama named Representative Director
2019 (April)
CEO Nanako Akiyama
COO Shigeyuki Akiyama