Our products range from prosthetic appliances to prosthetic limb materials and also include machine tools.

We make by hand from parts the partially finished products that form the components of prosthetic braces. We employ forging methods like those used in the manufacture of Japanese swords to give our products both high durability and an accuracy that does that not allow for a misalignment of even 0.03 mm. Our products are highly regarded both in Japan and worldwide. In addition, using Obara Kogyo's advanced technology, we manufacture materials and tools used in production. These products are used in Japan and around the world.


Labor-intensive manufacturing of prosthetic limbs for shell structure.


Manufactured by forging metals such as iron, stainless steel, and light alloy.


Along with manufacturing in-house, we also handle high-quality materials from Japan and overseas.

Tools & Equipment

We design and manufacture machine tools necessary for manufacturing such as large ovens and carving machines.

We have made every effort to steadily build up our technological expertise since the founding of our company.

We continue to forge iron alloy stiffness bars that for the most part are no longer being produced, and the now mainstream light alloy core metals. Forging, a processing technique used in making Japanese swords, produces extremely durable materials. We also excel at manufacturing products that combine forged iron with materials such as wood, durable products that maintain their shape. Prosthetics, built to a precision of 0.03mm, testify to our craftsmen’s long years of experience and finely honed intuition.

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The factory where we manufacture these high precision products has been located in the town of Yoga, just outside the center of Tokyo, for all of our 70 years.

We produce, along with prosthetic braces, machines used to manufacture the materials and tools necessary for production such as milling machines, lathes, millmatics, three kinds of presses, NC machine tools, and grinders.

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From its founding in 1946 to the present, our company has maintained a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.

We have also cooperated with the national government in developing activities for people that need prosthetic braces. Along these lines, we provide support for soccer for amputees and chair fencing. We manufacture these products for both domestic and international sales.

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