Technology and facilities

Obara Industries’ products are the result of more than 70 years of steadily accumulated technology and skills.

Obara adopts the time-consuming forging process for producing prosthetic brace metal.

Our policy has always been to think of the safety of the people who will continue to use our products over a long period of time.
This has led us to adopt, among other things, the process of forging in order to create metal for the prosthetics brace that can endure over a prolonged period of time the stress of everyday life. Forging, a processing method used in manufacturing Japanese swords, eliminates gaps inside the metal and refines the metal crystals, increasing the overall strength by aligning the crystal orientation. Although this is considered a difficult processing method, the manufactured muscle metal has increased durability even when secondary processing is added.

Recently, however, the demand for iron prosthetic gear orthotics has decreased, with the forging of light alloy prosthetic braces becoming mainstream, so there are few companies that continue to manufacture steel iron screws. As a company that incorporates drop forging, where hitting on the heated metal gives it its shape, we believe we are unique in the world.

Our reason for using costly and time consuming forging

Our reason for using costly and time consuming forging is simply because "some people need it." Some users require iron prosthetic braces. This is our policy: "If it is for a person in need, we will respond to that need, even if this is not profitable for us."

We also excel at manufacturing that involves combining different materials.

We manufacture wooden prostheses by hand, and also specialize in high precision manufacturing that combines wood and metal. Production in wood is different from metal. Making adjustments to wooden products is very difficult, requiring technological skills and intuition unique to experienced craftsmen.

Compared to metallic prosthesis, the price is low and durability is excellent, so we have many inquiries from overseas. Demand is decreasing in Japan, but as long as there is a demand, we will continue to manufacture wooden products.

Highly Accuracy Prodcuts

Accuracy as well as durability is required in creating products that can be used with confidence over an extended period of time. In manufacturing the important prosthesis joints, the final adjustment is made not by machine, but by filing by hand. Craftsmen know that if the dimension is off by 0.03 mm, play will occur.

Obara Kogyo’s products train Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO)

Since our products are highly accurate and have little play, if mistakes have been made in the manufacturing process, they sometimes do not work at all. Such skill is required of the CPO that our products have come to be known as “CPO training products” However, the high quality and excellent durability of our products give confidence and a sense of security to the user, and have come to be in demand not only in Japan, but also in China, Korea, Russia, and throughout the world.

Obara Kogyo's prosthetics appliances are made with such care that they can be called handmade.

Passing on technology to young specialists

Our labor-intensive and technologically advanced products are the result of years of experience and intuition. However, if the techniques required to make these products are not passed on to the next generation, they will be lost. "To always keep the users of our products safe and comfortable," we are taking active steps to pass on technology to young workers.

However, this technology cannot be learned overnight, so young engineers are pushed to their limit time and again. But they are not alone in this struggle. All employees, including the president, stand alongside and encourage them.

Our staff is taking the time and making the efforts required to pass on our technology.

Our factory has all machines to manufacture O&P products

We have essential machines to manufacture O&P products in Yoga (exclusive neighborhood)

Our factory in Yoga has all the equipment necessary for manufacturing prosthetic braces, including 30 kinds of machines used for producing materials and machine tools. This is unusual for a domestic prosthetic appliance manufacturer, and it allows us to respond appropriately to customers’ requests. The requests we receive for various items become the seeds for new product development. Having used these facilities in Yoga for more than 70 years, we plan to continue manufacturing high precision products here.

Equipment at our factory
Milling and lathes, Millmatic lathe, 35 t press, 60 t press, 110 t press
Multi-axis drilling machine, captain saw, super polishing machine, grinders,
NC machine tools

Machines and tools can be used in manufacturing for decades.

The oldest manufacturing machine, for example, is about 60 years old, but is still being used. These machines are vital for our production. For this reason, we have kept our machines and tools in good condition, allowing them to be used for decades. Using these tools, Obara products can be repaired and adjusted at any time. For example, the custom-made ring locks and ratchet screw bars used in our products can be made in perpetuity.

Craftsmen-created tools

In addition to machinery and equipment, there are tools that craftsmen have made themselves for ease of use. We use these tools to do the work of fine adjustment that mechanical equipment cannot do, which leads to higher finished product quality.

A network cultivated over many years

We provide all parts so that our products can be maintained in perpetuity. Even if there are parts we do not have in our company, we have a network that has been cultivated over many years, so we can also search by inquiries to our domestic and overseas manufacturers or wholesalers. In any case, we make it possible to handle maintenance at any time so that "people using it do not have a problem."